Colourful Heart (English)

About Us

Colourful Heart is a Tokyo-based peer support organisation for members of the LGBTQ community with mental health issues, neurodevelopmental disorders and/or addiction problems.

We host regular group meetings (Colourful Meetings), where we offer the attendants a safe space to talk about their issues and share their stories.

Furthermore, we organise seminars and workshops in collaboration with other LGBTQ, health and welfare organisations to raise awareness about sexual diversity and mental health in our community.


Next Meeting

The next Colourful Meeting for English speakers will be held as per below:

Date: Saturday 21 November, 2020
Time: 1.30pm – 4pm
Venue: 4th Floor, Smile Nakano
Cost: 200 yen
Booking: Please pre-register from this booking form.


Q.Who can attend Colourful Meetings?
A. Anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+/queer and has mental health related issues (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been diagnosed).

Q.Can I bring family & friends with me to the meeting?
A. No, Colourful Meetings are closed meetings. You can however be accompanied by a helper or aide if you need assistance (please let us know in advance if you are going to be accompanied).

Q.Do I have to register?
A.Yes. We ask all attendants to pre-register using our booking form to control the number of attendants as part of our COVID-19 preventive measures.

Q.Does Colourful Heart offer counseling?
A.No. Our meetings are led by facilitators who identify as peers with those in attendance. Our staff are not professional counsellors or psychiatrists, but we can refer you to clinics and services that offer counseling.

Q.How do I get to Smile Nakano?
A.Smile Nakano (中野区社会福祉会館 スマイルなかの) has Japanese sign only and is a little difficult to find. You can enter the building via a small arcade situated between Don Quixote and Jeans Shop Marukawa. The door is on the right if you enter from Nakano-dori.
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Q.I have special needs. How can I contact you before the meeting?
A.Please let us know by detailing what your special needs are in the booking form, or email us at

Ground Rules

Please read our ground rules here.

Contact Us

Twitter: Colourful_Tokyo