Ground Rules

To ensure and protect the participant’s safety during the meeting, we have a set of ground rules. Please read them thoroughly and if you have any questions, please ask the staff.

1. Confidentiality
What is discussed here in the meeting does not leave this meeting room. This includes divulging the identity of members who were present. Please do not disclose anyone’s personal information to other people, on online and/or on any other medium. Taking photography, videography and/or sound recording during the meeting is strictly prohibited by participants. Please be informed that limitations to confidentiality may occur when legal, medical or emergency requirements demand that confidential information be shared.

2. What to talk about
Colourful Heart is a safe place for everybody to be open and share their stories. However, please take responsibility for what you disclose during the meeting. Only share what you think is safe to talk about and what you are comfortable with. You may discuss about your gender, sexuality, race, nationality, personal history, religious beliefs, health issues, etc., but only if you want to.

3. Please embrace diversity
Individuals who attend the Colourful Heart meeting come from all walks of life. We all have different social, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, have lived through different experiences and uphold different values, beliefs and views. The Colourful Heart meeting is not a space where we debate what is right or wrong. Please value each other’s opinions and refrain from judging people. We have zero tolerance towards discrimination of any sort.

4. Any kind of abuse is strictly prohibited
Personal attacks, threats, making fun of comments shared by others or negative comments towards individuals and/or groups are not tolerated in Colourful Heart. If we witness signs of such behaviour during the meeting, we may ask the participant to leave the session and be excluded from future Colourful Heart meetings.

5. If you get angry or upset
If you experience anger or feel upset during the meeting, please try not to act on your strong emotions and do not use them as fuel to attack or abuse others. It may help to have a break from the meeting and take a breather. Please talk to the staff if you need support.

6. Information about violence
This is a safe place to talk, but there are certain things that may cause negativity by sharing to the group, such as information about violence or self-harm. If this comes up, we may stop you from sharing to the group and we will have a private conversation.

7. Please refrain from following activities:

  • Religious solicitation
  • Inviting others to network business, seminars, etc
  • Inducing insurance and financial products
  • Endorsing particular parties or politicians
  • Taking surveys/questionnaires

8. Please let others have a go
Unfortunately, our meeting time is limited, but we want as many people to contribute. If you’ve been sharing too much, your facilitator may stop you to let others have a turn. Also, please put your hands up if you wish to share to the group and do not speak over other people.

9. Drugs and alcohol
If you are under influence of alcohol and/or illicit substances, you are restricted from attending the meeting.

10. Peer support
Please understand that Colourful Heart is a peer support group. The staff are not trained medical practitioners or counsellors. If you need medical advice, please seek help from professionals.